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Diseño 3D y CAD

Diseño 3D y CAD

El mundo del arte y el diseño 3D ha llegado a un nuevo nivel de creatividad con herramientas y software avanzado para hacer nuestro trabajo más fácil. Hoy en día, los ordenadores personales son más rápidos de lo que eran y los juegos tienen una calidad casi de película.

El mundo del arte y el diseño en 3D es fascinante y tiene un sinfín de posibilidades. Si trabajas en SketchUp, VRay, Maya, Blender, ZBrush, Photoshop o 3ds Max, o cualquier otro programa de diseño 3d o CAD, este post te mostrará las técnicas y habilidades para dominar cada software y aunque talvez no llegues a ser un genio, sí que podrás llegar a utilizarlo como un profesional :D.

Tenemos tutoriales realizados por algunos de los nombres más reputados de la industria y las guías paso a paso te ayudarán a optimizar tu flujo de trabajo para llevar tus proyectos 3D a un nivel completamente nuevo.

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Meet the Experts

Meet the Experts: Fast turnaround VFX with 3ds Max: Join Alex Horst as he shows you how to quickly turn around challenging commercials using Autodesk® 3ds Max® software. Starting by tracking the live action backplates in Autodesk® Smoke®, you will learn how 3ds Max software’s powerful OpenSubdiv modeling workflows and support for the Alembic interchange format helps artists to efficiently create and exchange complex assets.

Alex will showcase post-production company NKI’s ambitious ‘Monkeys’ commercial. In this satirical spot, NKI populates live action locations with CG monkeys that wreak havoc playing mobile games.

Don’t miss this webinar to find out how to get more out of 3ds Max 2015.

Actualizado el 15 de Diciembre de 2014

making of Mr-Fusion

making of Mr-Fusion: summer in the city - challenge 2014 EVERMOTION "MR.FUSION" - Colorsponge makingOff

I present you my interpretation of Summer city, inspired by cyberpunk 80s style
Somehow I just don't want putting a sunlight and make a render. So I found it a good idea to mix time travel, a new time machine (Lamborghini Countach), cyberpunk style and summer.
Hope you like it

Softwares, tools, models and everything else that I used:
- max 2013, vray 2.5, photoshop, magic bullet
- FumeFx
- Some models of iRooftop like :air conditioner and antennas

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Actualizado el 28 de Noviembre de 2014

MaxScript-FumeFx FreezeFrame (quickTour)

MaxScript-FumeFx FreezeFrame (quickTour): FumeFx FreezeFrame is a very simple script for work with “still simulation” like clouds, nebulas, static objects, ecc...The script have only 2 buttons:

-Freeze/unfreeze button: to set the out-of-range type to work "statically"
-Frame spinner: set the simulation frame (useful in lookdev step)

Let me know if there are bugs or some requests.

for other resources and inspiration check out:

Share and Enjoy!

Actualizado el 27 de Noviembre de 2014

Our friend, Steve Oles

Our friend, Steve Oles: Our good friend, Paul Stevenson (Steve) Oles, FAIA, is an architect and co-founder of the American Society of Architectural Illustrators. He is also the author of "Architectural Illustration: The Value Delineation Process" and a former winner of the Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize. Steve takes pleasure in long walks, working out, designing all sorts of things, and riding the roads of New Mexico on his beloved '08 Triumph Bonneville.

If you've ever used the assorted styles in the SketchUp's Styles dialogue, take a look at the PSO styles -- those were developed with Steve's work as inspiration as well as his eye for detail. And if you're using SketchUp 2015, take a closer look at the scale figure that loads in many of our default templates. It just happens to be our friend, Steve Oles.

Actualizado el 21 de Noviembre de 2014

Flatten a 3D Model into a 2D Drawing

Flatten a 3D Model into a 2D Drawing: Ever wonder how to flatten a 3D model to a 2D drawing? Here's how using Flatshot.

Actualizado el 18 de Noviembre de 2014

Photoshop - 3D Printing & Animation

Photoshop - 3D Printing & Animation: This quick video will show you why ANIMATION support will give you more flexibility to choose what you want to 3D Print. This is available with October 2014 Update.

Actualizado el 14 de Noviembre de 2014

Photoshop 3D Animation with Rigged Files

Photoshop 3D Animation with Rigged Files: In this video I will show you how to upload a model to and RIG (add bones) to your 3D model. Then bring that model into Photoshop for use in the Animation Time-Line.

Actualizado el 07 de Noviembre de 2014


NUKE 9 Live Event Recording: NUKE 9, including the eagerly anticipated NUKE STUDIO and major updates to NUKE and NUKEX, is the result of two years and countless man hours of development reworking NUKE from its very core to build a faster, more powerful, broader range of unique tools to help you get the job done. For more information about NUKE, visit:

3:16 Introducing the new NUKE Family
7:52 New Features
24:35 Certified Hardware for 4K realtime playback
30:36 Grant Miller, Ingenuity Engine
52:45 Alex Fry, Compositing & Colour Supervisor
01:11:00 Pricing of NUKE, NUKEX & NUKE STUDIO
01:12:36 HIERO Customers
01:13:32 Production COLLECTIVE update
01:14:07 New to NUKE price
01:15:32 12 month NUKE payment plan
01:17:37 FREE for non-commercial NUKE, NUKEX, NUKE STUDIO
01:25:12 Panel of experts

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SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 Posters: This paper tackles the problem of modeling the behavior of hair influenced by particle-based fluid. At each time step, the collisions of hair strands with fluid particles are detected. The dynamics of each colliding hair strand is simulated by taking into consideration the external forces exerted by fluid, such as fluid contact force, buoyant force, and the force from the surface tension of water. The hair clumping effect is simulated in a clumping process at the end of each time step. Additionally, a visually plausible hair shader is also proposed to synthesize the appearance of wet hair.

Actualizado el 03 de Noviembre de 2014

NVIDIA Turf Effects

NVIDIA Turf Effects: NVIDIA Turf Effects is a new NVIDIA GameWorks technology that empowers users to simulate and render massive grass simulation with physical interaction. Our grass technology provides a fully geometrical representation. Grass blades can be represented with a resolution as low as three triangles to several 100 triangles per blade by using continuous level of detail. This allows millions of grass blades to be simulated.

Actualizado el 28 de Octubre de 2014

Lumion 5.0

Lumion 5.0 Preview: This is a preview of the upcoming Lumion 5.0

Pre Order Your Upgrade Now!
For More Details

Lumion 5.0 will be availabe from November 3, 2014

123 new materials, such as metals, stone, plastic and leather
All materials are now more realistic, using Physicaly Based Rendering
Improved Materials Interface makes editing easier.

For an improved workflow: faster default rendering, the ability to make multiple movie clips and 100 still images per project, 5 rendering options, mass placement and mass move effect.

Better lighting featuring Hyperlight and the epic Volumetric Sunlight
6 New artistic effects.

Localized content: 188 new trees & plants, 73 new characters

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Adobe presents: Tobias Klein at 3D Printshow London 2014

Adobe presents: Tobias Klein at 3D Printshow London 2014: Winston Hendrickson from Adobe welcomes Architect, artist and cultural agitator Tobias Klein to talk about his use of Adobe Photoshop CC for bringing his creations to life.

3D Printshow London 2013 - Video Tour

3D Printshow London 2013 - Video Tour: Dave Marks explores 3D Printshow London, looking at features, chatting with exhibitors and giving you a glimpse of the incredible show that we put on this year!

London 3D Printshow 2014 video - 3D Printing

London 3D Printshow 2014 video - 3D Printing: This is a vblog / slideshow & highlights from the London 3D Printshow - September 2014.

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Elegir un renderizador para SketchUp

Elegir un renderizador para SketchUp: Wondering what you should be looking for in rendering software for Google SketchUp? This video will go over a few things that are important to have in a good renderer. Download the model and use it as a check list to see if you renderer can render everything.

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