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27 de febrero de 2013

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6 pelis 3D

6 pelis 3DPara quienes tengáis un hueco libre en vuestra ya apretada agenda os dejo una lista de seis vídeos realizados en tres dimensiones. Para poder verlos no tenéis más que hacer clic con el ratón en cada una de ellos.

Espero que os gusten...

Suzi Van Zoom - McDonalds from Kompost on Vimeo.

The third of the Leo Burnett “Happy Tale” McDonalds animation commercials created by Kompost, Suzi van Zoom changes gear from the lyricism of its predecessors into the hectic world of a scorching bicycle ride by Suzi. Tearing away from her parents for her first bike ride through a fantasy zoo and its teeming animals, Suzi finally comes to rest with the animals in Timbuktu in a McDonalds. Accompanied by a hard driving Country and Western sound track, the sequences show a further side of Kompost’s imagination and multi-faceted technical dexterity.

Nippon Paint "Create Magic" dirs from brad hogarth on Vimeo.

The Nippon “Create Magic” campaign is based around the concept of changing not only the physical environment but also the mood of the people in that environment. The film features the Blobby characters first launched by Nippon in 2008. The challenge was to breathe fresh life and creativity into an existing execution. In the commercial, the family are led through a transformation of their house as the Blobbies turn possibilities into realities by creating magic from the mundane.

Agency: NAGA DDB Malaysia
ECD: Alvin Teoh
Creative: Loo Chun Guan & Darren Lee
Copywriter: Adeline Chew
Agency Producer: Sharon De Silva / Chris Lau
Brand Management: Choong Kok Leong, Alex Yoong
Prod Hse: Luminous KL
Director: Brad Hogarth
Exec Producer: Karen De Silva
DOP: Haruld Goh
Prod Design: Nick Wong
Prod Team: Dest Kee, Yen Hong, Estee Chang, Kent Hew,
Post Prod: MFX KL
Producer: Karen Chua
Animation: Lau Kim San
CG: Wayne Ho Chun How
Editor: Ng SS
Compositor: Wen Chek Yeo
Colour: The Posthouse Jkt
Colourist: Adrian Ooi
Music: Fuse music + sound design, Malaysia

behind the scenes: SB frames, design & previz.. Nippon Paint "Create Magic" on the @Behance Network:

TF1 JINGLES 2012 from Sabotage Studio on Vimeo.

Director : NOBRAIN
Production : COSA
Postproduction : SABOTAGE STUDIO
Post-producer : Karine Friang, assistée de Fabien Cellier
3D : Ludovic Mannoni, Florian Durand, Marianne Cruchant,
Laurent Guérin, Matthieu Croset, Cyril Costa,
Compositing : Fabien Vantroys, Lenaic Favard.

BBC 'Stadium UK' - Full Version from Passion Pictures on Vimeo.

In celebration of London 2012 Passion Pictures is pleased to release the full length version of Pete Candeland's majestic trailer for the BBC's Olympic coverage 'Stadium UK'!

MTV COCA COLA 30 RAZONES from Xavier Echeverría on Vimeo.

A Studio from Argentina invited me to be apart of this great commercial for Coca Cola.

Thanks to all the mails that we send everyday we can protect our nature and save tons of paper.

My position:

Characters & Vehicles (modeling, texturing, rigging, animation)


Produced by HippieHouse Studio
Original idea & Concept: Mtv Latam.
Art & Creative direction: HippieHouse + Mtv Latam.

3d artists: Ignacio Sandoval, Arturo Echeverria
City & Environments (design, modeling, texturing, composition): Ignacio Sandoval
3d Lighting, 3d Compositor, Cameras & Rendering: Ignacio Sandoval

Storyboards: Chris O’Farrell, Ignacio Sandoval
Character Design: Marcos Piaggio
2d Design, 2d Compositor & Animator: Chris O’Farrell
Post, Lights & Effects: Chris O’Farrell

At Mtv Latam
Creative VP: Sean Saylor
Creative Director: Hernán Damilano
Art Director: Maria Luisa Collazo
Concept: Maria Luisa Collazo, Ezequiel Saul
Writer: Ezequiel Saul
Producer, Co-director: Maria Luisa Collazo, Ezequiel Saul
Music Producer, Original Music: Marco Camacho – Two Chick!
Music Co-producer: Cristian Moraga

Where Wolrds Are Created from Yaniv Fridman on Vimeo.

Client: Rainmaker

Role: Direction, Animation & compositing

Additinonal credits:
3D Character Animation & Assets by Rainmaker.