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28 de febrero de 2013


5 vídeos

5 vídeosAquí tenemos una pequeña actualización con un listado de cinco vídeo-reels que me han parecido bastante interesantes de visualizar. No tenéis más que hacer clic con el ratón en cada una de ellos para poder verlos; así es el mundo de la informática hoy día ;D.

Espero que os gusten...

"Keys To The City" from Invisible Creature on Vimeo.

"Keys To The City": The Making Of A Mural
By Invisible Creature, Inc.
Commissioned By Vulcan Real Estate
Painted By Don Rockwell / Foley Sign Company
Music: “Alexandra” By Alex Goose & Jake Troth

Thanks to:
Josh Lackey & Sharon Coleman at Vulcan Real Estate, Don Rockwell & Mark Metcalf at Foley Sign Company, Alex Goose & Jake Troth, Rob Taylor & Terry Biederstedt at GLY, Seattle Opera & Sean Thompson.

Mural Location:,-122.336599

More Info:

Vavohu from PATCHE$ on Vimeo.

Adobe Design Achievement Awards — Semifinalist
Business Card for Self Promotion in 2011-2012 For Print Only Awards

Featured on:
The Great Wall of Oakland 2012 "About Oakland, By Oakland"
CutOut Fest 2012 Official Selection
Communication Arts News — Communication Arts
KickStartBoom motion design and culture blog —
Quipsologies all-things design blog — Link

The animation in this video is made up of individually laser-etched business cards, all of which are hand-stamped and numbered.

Vavohu is a hebrew word — the latter part of the phrase, “tohu-vavohu” — which appears in the second verse, first chapter of Genesis. Its meaning is a bit obscure, but roughly speaking it means: void. This piece, therefore, is a meditation on the notion of cosmogenesis, my aim being to reflect on the matter as it pertains to science, philosophy, and (specifically) motion design — and not to proselytize any religious views or conceptions.

The full intention of this piece is to elicit conversation: about the name, Vavohu, and its meaning, as well as the written portion's significance; both stemming from an introspective and philosophical aspect of myself and my work. Similarly, the unique process and approach to this project is meant to evoke a discussion about my professional work ethic and my interests as a designer. The most exciting thing about this project is the physical exchange that occurs when I hand out the business cards, and while I strongly value the importance of digital interactions, this "off-line" networking tool reflects a changed world in a very unique way. Therefore, the project's overall goal is to create a personal branding experience that will leave a lasting impression.
more at

by Adam Glucksman

Sound Design by Carina Hampton
Read By Harrison Whittle

special thanks:
Scott Hess
Samantha Sheppard
TechShop San Francisco
Ex'pression College

June 2012

Skip Pitts from Loaded Pictures on Vimeo.

A while back we were fortunate enough to add some design flair to a video biography about the Memphis all-star soul ensemble The Bo-Keys. As we viewed the raw footage we were struck by the fantastic stories of its legendary members. We thought that in particular, the lead guitarist, Charles "Skip" Pitts' colorful interview begged an animated interpretation. And so we did just that.

Unfortunately, earlier this year Mr. Pitts passed away, and Memphis lost one of its great musical contributors. Our deepest condolences go out to his family and band members.

Many thanks to The Bo-Keys band leader Scott Bomar for letting us use the track 'Sundown on Beale', and for keeping the soul of Memphis alive.

Doritos Uncut from Plenty on Vimeo.

The agency Live and Doritos Brazil created a screenplay contest for Facebook where every participant (with their friends collaboration) had to writhe a story and compete for a trip to Hollywood and get their script developed and produced by a an animation studio.
Live an Doritos trusted Plenty to develop the art and animation of the winning story. We had to tell how an 8 years old boy come up with the idea for a theater play where swordsmen armpits fight against Razors! Yes, that's exactly what you read!!

This way we undertook our first Character Animation's project. We adapted the original script, developed the aesthetic, characters, storyboard and general direction with complete freedom form the agency!

The project had a particularity, we only had 28 days from the day we received the winner script to the day we deliver a 2.30 minutes movie.

Plenty's team worked at full steam, with the help of some talented friends that join us for the challenge, to finish last minutes renders, almost blindly and very tired! But very happy and with the certainty that we can say not only "Mission accomplished", but also "Thank you!" to all the people involved in the project.


Directed by:

Art Director:
Pablo Alfieri

Animation Director:
Mariano Farias


Character Design:
Elda Broglio

Claudio Iriarte

3D Character Modeling:
Daniel Bel, Leandro Giorni, Ruben Stremiz & Matias Fernandez

3D Backgrounds Design & Modeling:
Andres Reisinger & Pablo Alfieri

3D Animation & Rigging:
Leandro Giorni, Ruben Stremiz & Daniel Bel

3D Lighting & Renderging:
Daniel Bel

3D Face Expresion Animation:
Hernán Estevez & Mariano Farias

3D Motiongraphics:|
Sebastian Curi & Mariano Farias

Montage & Edition:
Mariano Farias

Compositing & Postproduction:
Sebastian Curi, Mariano Farias & Pablo Alfieri

Bonus Scenes 3D Animation & Rigging:
Estudio Ronda

Inés Palmas


Pepsico Brazil



Creative Director:
Mauro Silva & Vinicius Facco

Karina Rehavia


Music and Sound SFX:
Juan Tortarolo

The Garden of Earthly Delights from Thomas Beg on Vimeo.

A CG interpretation of Hieronymus Bosch’s painting ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’. This animation was produced as part of a self-initiated University project for CG Arts and Animation @ UCA Rochester.

A second version of this animation also exists, exploring the possibility of bringing more of these classic paintings in 3D to new media devices, in the form of an iphone/ipod/ipad app. This version can be viewed here:

Please visit my blog for more information in regards to this project: