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27 de febrero de 2013

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5 vídeo-reels

5 vídeo-reelsAquí tenemos una pequeña actualización con un listado de cinco vídeo-reels que me han parecido bastante interesantes de visualizar. No tenéis más que hacer clic con el ratón en cada una de ellos para poder verlos; así es el mundo de la informática hoy día ;D.

Espero que os gusten...

Important Looking Pirates showreel Q4 2012 from Important Looking Pirates on Vimeo.

Menno Fokma Studio Reel from Menno Fokma Studio on Vimeo.

Menno Fokma Studio is a next-level design and direction company based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. With enthusiasm and a strong dedication to quality we create cutting-edge mood films, title sequences, broadcast identities, fashion films, music artwork and videos.

Our work is about pushing creative boundaries; exploring new ways of visualization; rich illustrations with a surrealistic touch; mind-bending stories; inviting subconscious emotions to rise to the surface; sharing inspiration and making people wonder.

Founded in 2010 by Menno Fokma, the studio has since grown into a dynamic network company. Collaborating with equally ambitious motion specialists, photographers, musicians, sound designers, writers, graphic designers and illustrators.

The Mill Design and Motion Reel 2012 from The Mill on Vimeo.

Introducing the shiny new Design & Motion Graphics showreel including the latest work on D&AD's, MTV VMA's, The Oscars, Samsung and running exclusively on Vimeo this weekend. Full spot list to follow… Turn up loud and take it in!

Soundtrack provided by Rangleklods - Young And Dumb!

Animation Reel 2012 from Atsushi Kojima on Vimeo.

Responsible for all the animated materials herein, except for the Bumblebee shot where I only did a transformation. Contains no motion capture elements. Motion capture reel is also available upon request.

Rango is a property of Pramount Pictures.
Transformers: Dark of the Moon is a property of Pramount Pictures.
The Avengers is a property of Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Pictures.
Clone Wars is a property of Cartoon Network and Lucasfilm.

This video is solely for the purpose of demonstrating the animation skill. No copyright infringement intended. Please contact for any legal issues.

MPC Advertising Reel October 2012 from MPC on Vimeo.