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26 de febrero de 2013

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5 vídeo-reels

5 vídeo-reelsAquí tenemos una pequeña actualización con un listado de cinco vídeo-reels que me han parecido bastante interesantes de visualizar. No tenéis más que hacer clic con el ratón en cada una de ellos para poder verlos; así es el mundo de la informática hoy día ;D.

Espero que os gusten...

Allan McKay - 2012 Reel (work in progress) from Allan McKay on Vimeo.

Quick cut together, nothing special. Definitely not all the latest stuff of mine but most just ones specific to fluids. I'll probably put together an additional reel soon with more up to date content.

But - always up for freelance, hit me up!

- Allan McKay

Linus Lundin - Showreel 2012 from Linus Lundin on Vimeo.

The latest collection of my favorite work from 2011-2012.
I had a great time working as a freelancer during this period and had the opportunity to work with great people. Working with this makes me smile and I hope to continue doing it and develop my work further.

Thanks for watching :)

Project / Client / My role

0:00 Reel Intro 2012 / Me / Everything.
0:14 I.G.U.T.I.W.A.E / Me / Everything.
0:22 Sandvik 150 Years / B-reel / 3D, Animation, Compositing.
0:26 Reel Intro 2010 / Me / Everything.
0:28 Secret / / 3D, Animation, Compositing.
0:32 Sandvik 150 Years / B-reel / 3D, Animation, Compositing.
0:34 Yash / Me / Everything.
0:35 Wataniya Tv Idents / Doors Production / Co-Direction, Cinematography, Motion Design.
0:40 2012 Trailer / Gaian / Character Design, Rigging, Animation.
0:45 Mackmyra Extra Rök / Mackmyra / Everything together with Fredrik Ekholm.
0:48 Soul Tools Studio Intro / Soul Tools / Everything
0:51 2012 Trailer / Gaian / Character Design, Rigging, Animation.
0:53 Oppo Finder / Upper First / Everything together with Fredrik Ekholm.
0:58 Reel Outro 2012 / Me / Everything.

Music: Kites - Geographer

2012 MatchMove reel from Nathan Sheldrick on Vimeo.

this is a collection of some of the Matchmove shots i have worked on at various companies like FuelVFX and Bazmark Film III.

2011 @ Happy Feet 2 Technical Reel - FX TD Ronen Tanchum from Ronen Tanchum on Vimeo.

This short Viedo presents most of the work I have been doing in Dr.D Studios, Australia on Happy Feet Two.
For the last 5 months of production I was apart of the Volumetrics FX Team, My Tasks on the project were:

- Snow Blizzard:
Particles simulations Research and Development, Shot Placement, Lighting, Shading , FX Compositing
-Atmospherics | Fog | Clouds | GodRays:
Look development, Lighting, Shading, FX Compositing

Software used: Houdini 11 , 3Delight, Mantra , Nuke.

I had an amazing time working on this project with some amazing people!

Thank you for watching

Demo Reel 2012 from Engin Arslan on Vimeo.

Collection of shots that I have worked mainly on 2010-2011
Software used:
Maya (Vray), 3ds Max (Vray). Houdini (Mantra, Renderman), Nuke, After Effects

Worked on Lighting, Rendering and Precomping mostly for everything except for the Commercial Work which I usually played a broader role.