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25 de enero de 2013


Reels - 6 vídeos

Reels - 6 vídeosAquí tenemos una pequeña actualización con un listado de seis vídeos en forma de reel que me han parecido bastante interesantes de visualizar. No tenéis más que hacer clic con el ratón en cada una de ellos para poder verlos; así es el mundo de la informática hoy día ;D.

Espero que os gusten...

All work done in DaVinci Resolve and Apple Color ©2012 Oasys Digital

Oasys Digital
Siegfriedstraße 12
80803 Munich, Germany
+0049 89 80957573

Showreel montage of motion designer and director Paul Clements

Soundtrack : Rock'n'Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain) by Skrillex


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Thanks for watching :)

In mid January of 2012 I was introduced to the very talented Patrick Tatopoulous who brought me on board as a freelance designer to build and develop graphics and user interface technology for the world of Total Recall. It was an amazing opportunity that I knew I couldn't pass up seeing as the original was a childhood favorite of mine. I soon discovered just how vast the world Len Wiseman and his team had built and knew right away I had lots of work ahead of myself. My total contribution on the project lasted about 5 months, it was an intense amount of work to be done about 200 shots in total made it to the final print of the film.

The reel above is a portion of the graphical elements I created for the film. All the approved designs where then taken to the animation stage by my very talented friend Ryan Cashman whom I worked very closely on during the remainder of our stay on the 5 month project. Our work was then sent to post production houses where the designs where composed into the final print of the film. A HUGE thank you to the enormously talented team on this project and for having us on board with you guys it was a great journey! CHEERS!

Please see the full credit list for details:

Ash Thorp - Designer /
Ryan Cashman - Animator /

TR Edit by:
Franck Deron /

Edit title animation by:
Alasdair Willson /

Edit music:
aphex twin - windowlicker

Full movie credit list /

Columbia pictures: Total Recall © Columbia Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

This was a reel that was shown at the Nickelodeon Conference. It was edited before Dark Of The Moon moved to the 5th on the all time box office list.