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29 de noviembre de 2012

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Over the last 10 years I’ve been visually inspired by hand painted lettering. I began shooting while living in Brooklyn, New York 2001-2008. This obsession lead me to travel and shoot in other locations including, France, Mexico, Los Angeles, Oklahoma, Austin, New Orleans, Miami and Memphis.

After contemplating the collection I was accumulating, I decided , a collaborative image database could serve the type and design community as a source of inspiration for new typefaces, or just eye candy for the type obsessed.

Isle Of Tune ::: Invasion

Designing typefaces for Stereo Type Haus in 2003, designer and typographer RD Granados became increasingly obsessed with the energy and idiosyncratic quality of hand-painted signage in and around Brooklyn, New York. Six years later, after a series of road trips inspired by Ed Fella’s Letters on America, TypArchive was born in 2009.


What began as a personal appreciation for hand lettering and vernacular typography has now transformed into a collaborative image archive with global contributors.