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8 de noviembre de 2012

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Ryan Church

Ryan ChurchEl diseñador de concepto nacido en Estados Unidos, Ryan Church es mejor conocido por sus conceptos y diseños de vehículos, planetas y arquitectura.

Sus clientes como artista conceptual freelance incluyen a conocidas empresas comoParamount Studios, Universal Pictures, Mattel, Sony Pictures, Blue Sky Studios, Bay Films, Lightstorm Entertainment, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Dino de Laurentiis Company, Digital Domain o Electronic Arts.

Sus obras han sido sobre todo vistas en varios proyectos como Star Trek, Transformers 2 y Avatar, de James Cameron, Transformers 3, John Carter de Disney, y el próximo Star Trek (2013).

Ryan Church

Camiseta Robots

When I was a kid I liked dinosaurs and airplanes. My dad, who is an industrial designer, taught me how to draw decently by age 5 or 6, so I would make my own dinosaur books or draw stuff I’d seen in movies. After graduating from, I went to UCLA to get a broad education and took night classes at Art Center College of Design to help focus my design skills.

I started Art Center full-time in Fall '94 with a scholarship, majoring in Transportation Design. I wanted to make sure I learned the nuts and bolts of Industrial Design as well as the Illustration skills- to be able to design a vehicle or an environment that makes sense and looks good and then to depict it in three dimensional space. About halfway through my studies, Art Center started to feature Entertainment Design classes.

By that time, I knew I didn't want to be a car designer. My heart was more in airplanes and architecture, I guess. I eventually graduated with honors as a Transportation Design major with emphasis on Entertainment Design. My time at Art Center was really fantastic. The quality of the instructors was high, but I really owe my experience to classmates and upper term students for providing the competition that was essential to push me along.

I got a job at Walt Disney Imagineering right out of college and also did some freelancing on the side for Universal Studios.

Ryan Church