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1 de octubre de 2012

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Diseño 3D ::: Septiembre de 2012

Diseño 3D ::: Septiembre de 2012Aquí podréis encontrar interesantes tutoriales sobre diseño 3D (Autocad, 3D Studio Max, SketchUp, Maya, Photoshop...), elementos de diseño como modelos 3D, algún que otro vídeo...; además incluiré de vez en cuando enlaces a páginas web de diseñadores del mundo de las tres dimensiones o estudios de diseño y sus diversos trabajos. Todo ello ocurrido el mes de septiembre.

28 de Septiembre de 2012

  • Modeling Historical Mosque leer
  • Making Of Hummer H1 leer
  • Making Of ‘Ornaments’ leer
  • Model a Detailed High Poly Fire Hydrant in 3ds Max leer

27 de Septiembre de 2012 - Official trailer 2012 from Steffen K on Vimeo.

The Gaian Project celebrates nature. With its yearly digital album release inlcuding designs,
music and articles it inspires to preserve our planet.

In 2010, Steffen Knoesgaard, Fredrik Ekholm and Simon Holmedal,
created the first ever moving imagery for the community art project
Gaia: The Gaia10 official trailer. Two years later the project has
changed from coordinated yearly releases, into an ongoing collab-
oration as the community run website

To mark the new direction of the community, curator Marius Bauer
returned to Steffen and Fredrik and commissioned an updated trailer.
Seeing this as an excellent opportunity to blow off some creative
steam, they conceptualized an idea to recreate the trailer based
on the original thoughts, but updated for 2012.

During the process designer/animator Linus Lundin - a long
time collaborator, joined the project as well as musician
and sound designer Jochen Mader.

Read more about the project at
Process and inspiration:


Design & direction
Fredrik Ekholm -
Steffen Knoesgaard -

Character design
Linus Lundin -

Production -

Sound design
Jochen Mader - Audionerve - curator
Marius Bauer -

  • What’s New with SU Podium V2 for SketchUp leer
  • Modeling A High Poly Fantasy Inspired Axe In 3D Studio Max leer
  • Modeling The F-16 Fighter Jet in 3D Studio Max leer
  • Modeling A High Poly Stylized Bow In 3D Studio Max leer

26 de Septiembre de 2012

My Little Friend from Eric Prah on Vimeo.

Short Film by Eric Prah made at the Ringling College of Art and Design

Please Enjoy :]

  • What Makes a Good SketchUp Model? Components leer
  • Instant Wall for SketchUp - SketchUp for landscapes leer
  • Making of Urban Plaza - Ronen Bekerman 3d architectural visualization blog leer
  • Different Ways how to produce large render output leer

25 de Septiembre de 2012

Sperlari "The Shop" from TaxFreeFilm on Vimeo.

Commercial produced by Tax Free Film for Sperlari
Directed by Franco Tassi & Andrea Gasparo
Agency: Young & Rubicam

Models: Andrea Lazzarotti, Mauro Baldissera, Giorgia Baldissera, Guido Zatti, Brian Cinnery
Rigging: Andrea Gasparo
Texturing: Andrea Lazzarotti, Mauro Baldissera, Giorgia Baldissera, Guido Zatti
Shading: Federico Ghirardini, Brian Cinnery, Andrea Lazzarotti.
Animation: Gaetano Consiglio, Mauro Baldissera
Hair grooming: Mauro Baldissera, Guido Zatti, Giorgia Baldissera
Vfx and fluids animation: Andrea Gasparo
Lighting: Federico Ghirardini
Rendering: Mauro Baldissera, Guido Zatti, Andrea Lazzarotti, Giorgia Baldissera, Brian Cinnery, Federico Ghirardini, Andrea Gasparo
Compositing: Federico Ghirardini
Character Design: "Cuppa"
Concept Design: Giacomo Tappainer
Executive Producer: Giulio Leoni

  • 35+ Stunning 3D Cartoon / Animation illustrations leer
  • Catwmoman (Anne Hathaway) leer
  • Aurasma leer
  • Modeling a fly in Blender leer

24 de Septiembre de 2012

  • Realistic Futurama leer
  • Making of Hurry up, We are Late leer
  • Creating Shapes of Wires using PFlow leer
  • New Virtual-Holographic Display Tool for Designers and Architects: zSpace [Video] leer

21 de Septiembre de 2012

  • huzheng leer
  • SketchUp and Vray Resources: MUGOROT leer
  • Creating a Low Poly City in 3ds Max by Hani Mohammadi'>Creating a Low Poly City in 3ds Max by Hani Mohammadi leer
  • Making of Urban Plaza - Ronen Bekerman 3d architectural visualization blog leer

20 de Septiembre de 2012

  • Ambient Occlusion Animation leer
  • 10 ways to bring your 3D character art to life leer
  • Making of Starbucks Coffee - Ronen Bekerman 3d architectural visualization blog leer
  • Monsterofcook leer

19 de Septiembre de 2012

ELECTROSHOCK - ESMA 2011 from Electroshock-movie on Vimeo.

Directed by Hugo JACKSON, Pascal CHANDELIER, Valentin MICHEL, Bastien MORTELECQUE and Elliot MAREN.

With the voices of Christophe LEMOINE, Ariane AGGIAGE, Michel VIGNE, Laetitia BARBARA, Philipe PEYTHIEU and Véronique AUGEREAU.

Music by Thierry JAOUL, Jose VICENTE and Hugo JACKSON

Mixed by Jose VICENTE and Yoann PONCET, Studio des Aviateurs.

ESMA Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques 2011


  • Advanced Multi-Channel Texturing leer
  • Super Realistic 3d Female Models (Wallpapers) leer
  • Best 3D Animations, Character designs and TV Commercial Videos - Fanta, ATT and Nespresso leer
  • Arnold Furnace leer

18 de Septiembre de 2012

850 METERS teaser from THURISTAR on Vimeo.

850 METERS is an "after hours" project, an animated comedy short currently in production, produced by THURISTAR and Lunanime, with the support of the VAF.

The film tells the QUEST of a FAME-AND-FORTUNE-hungry, wannabe hero, in a not-so-fairy tale!

A not-so-brave KNIGHT is on a QUEST for FAME and FORTUNE – legend says rescuing a princess is the way to go. And in those same fairytales, there’s only one way to slay the dragons that hold the fair lady captive: find the INVINCIBLE SWORD !
To reach his goal, the knight is ready to go FAR. Maybe even as FAR as 850 meters…

850 METERS will be sent to festivals starting in 2012. As we move forward with the production of the short, THURISTAR is producing a ‘making-of’ of the film. The idea is to follow the work of our small team ‘behind the scenes’, through short episodes, each of them featuring a different production step.
Mostly Belgian, but also French, American, Norwegian, Danish and from Luxemburg, the 850 METERS team is working between London, Paris, Valence, Copenhagen, Albuquerque, Kortrijk and Ghent, for a months of ‘after hours’ production.

Follow the making-of on

Created and directed by Joeri Christiaen
Music by Frederik Segers
Written by Joeri Christiaen and Perrine Gauthier
Creative Producer: Perrine Gauthier
Executive Producer: Annemie Degryse
With the participation of PMG Worldwide (messiahStudio) and Temple of Tune
With the support of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF)

With the AMAZING work of:
Vegard Myklebust, Technical Director
Michael Mahy, Character Animator
Mette Tange, Character Animator
Olivier Thill, Modeler and Z-brush artist
Maud Chalmel, Graphic Artist

Making-of by Antoine Kerninon & Perrine Gauthier

  • The progress of modelling a Character leer
  • Create an Awesome 3D Future City – Day 2 leer
  • The Hole (Making Of) leer
  • Create Company logo in 3ds Max leer

17 de Septiembre de 2012

LITTLE TOMBSTONE - ESMA 2011 from Little Tombstone on Vimeo.

Dans une petite ville du Far-West deux cowboys, le Bon et la Brute, se défient en duel. Le Croque-mort va suivre l'affrontement avec intérêt...

In a small town in the Far-West, the Good and the Bad, challenge each other to show-down. The Undertaker takes some interest in the show-down between the opponants...

Directed by :
- AZAIS Frédéric
- QUILLET Adrien

Music by :
SCURI Alexandre

Mixed by :
Jose VICENTE and Yoann PONCET, Studio des Aviateurs.

Voice : WANGERMEZ Reuno

Guitarist : DI MALTA Serge
Harmonica : LEYMONERIE Benjamin
Trumpets : DISLA Fabrice et VAROT Frédéric

ESMA Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques 2011 TOULOUSE


  • 20 Beautiful and Creative 3D Character Designs leer
  • The Making of Wonded Ork by dori3d leer
  • Making of “Willpower” by John Strieder leer
  • Neoclassic Livingroom Lighting and Rendering using Maxwell Renderer leer

14 de Septiembre de 2012

Between Two Points from motiphe on Vimeo.

The Glitch Mob ft. Swan - Between Two Points
A tale about the weight of dependency.

Direction & Production:

  • Revealing Nature’s Magnificence: Creating A Mushroom Macro Render leer
  • Incredible 3D Cartoons leer
  • 10 Creative And Famous 3D Character leer
  • 25 Awesome 3D Character Designs and Illustrations leer

13 de Septiembre de 2012

  • Excellent Cinema 4D Tutorials leer
  • Create A High Poly Steampunk Guitar In 3D Studio Max leer
  • Creating The iPhone 4S In 3D Studio Max leer
  • Model A Decorative, High Poly Chandelier In 3D Studio Max leer

12 de Septiembre de 2012

George Taylor Compositing Demo Reel from George Taylor on Vimeo.

Compositing demo reel of highlight work done throughout my career in vfx.

  • Video Tutorial: Modeling Audi R8 - Part 3 leer
  • Correctly Setting Up a Linear Workflow in Maya leer
  • Creating The iPhone 4S In 3D Studio Max, Part 1 leer
  • 20 Awesome and Realistic 3D Character Designs for your inspiration leer

11 de Septiembre de 2012

a Decade from Treehouse on Vimeo.

“A Decade ” is a short animation produced for Jet megazine’s “十年一刻” exhibition at Harbour City, TST, Hong Kong. A Decade talks about how lives of average citizens became in last decade.

  • Making of Aroma leer
  • Realflow & Krakatoa Waterfall leer
  • Making of Submarine leer
  • Video Tutorial: Bike Modeling - Part 1 leer

10 de Septiembre de 2012

  • An Introduction To Backburner And Render Farms leer
  • 3DS Max Tutorial : Ironman Helmet 3D Modeling leer
  • Modeling A Futuristic Bolt Gun In 3D Studio Max leer
  • Creating A Futuristic Weapon In Maya – Modeling The Base leer

07 de Septiembre de 2012

Audi 'Hummingbird' Behind The Scenes from The Mill Visual Effects Studio on Vimeo.

Take a look behind the scenes at how we helped BBH and Knucklehead's Daniel Barber create the Audi Hummingbird and his magical mechanical world.

  • ZBrush - Creature #1 Detailing process in ZBrush 4R3 [CGNUGGETS!] leer
  • ZBrush - Creature #1 Dynamesh vs. ZSpheres: Blocking in the body [CGNUGGETS!] leer
  • ZBrush - Creature #1 Incorporating Animal Anatomy into Creature Design [CGNUGGETS!] leer
  • ZBrush - Creature #1 Design and Sculpting in ZBrush 4R3 [CGNUGGETS!] leer
  • ZBrush - Creature #1 Detailing the Creature Body, Part One [CGNUGGETS!] leer
  • ZBrush - Creature #1 Using Qrmesher and Detailing the Creature Body, Part Two [CGNUGGETS!] leer

06 de Septiembre de 2012

The Garden of Earthly Delights from Thomas Beg on Vimeo.

A CG interpretation of Hieronymus Bosch’s painting ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’. This animation was produced as part of a self-initiated University project for CG Arts and Animation @ UCA Rochester.

A second version of this animation also exists, exploring the possibility of bringing more of these classic paintings in 3D to new media devices, in the form of an iphone/ipod/ipad app. This version can be viewed here:

Please visit my blog for more information in regards to this project:


  • Tutorial: Breaking Objects in 3ds Max with PullDownIt - Video 1 leer
  • Tutorial: Breaking Objects in 3ds Max with PullDownIt - Video 2 leer
  • Tutorial: Breaking Objects in 3ds Max with PullDownIt - Video 3 leer
  • Tutorial: Breaking Objects in 3ds Max with PullDownIt - Video 4 leer

05 de Septiembre de 2012

Doritos Uncut from Plenty on Vimeo.

The agency Live and Doritos Brazil created a screenplay contest for Facebook where every participant (with their friends collaboration) had to writhe a story and compete for a trip to Hollywood and get their script developed and produced by a an animation studio.
Live an Doritos trusted Plenty to develop the art and animation of the winning story. We had to tell how an 8 years old boy come up with the idea for a theater play where swordsmen armpits fight against Razors! Yes, that's exactly what you read!!

This way we undertook our first Character Animation's project. We adapted the original script, developed the aesthetic, characters, storyboard and general direction with complete freedom form the agency!

The project had a particularity, we only had 28 days from the day we received the winner script to the day we deliver a 2.30 minutes movie.

Plenty's team worked at full steam, with the help of some talented friends that join us for the challenge, to finish last minutes renders, almost blindly and very tired! But very happy and with the certainty that we can say not only "Mission accomplished", but also "Thank you!" to all the people involved in the project.
Directed by: Plenty
Art Director: Pablo Alfieri
Animation Director: Mariano Farias
Character Design: Elda Broglio
Storyboard: Claudio Iriarte
3D Character Modeling: Daniel Bel, Leandro Giorni, Ruben Stremiz & Matias Fernandez
3D Backgrounds Design & Modeling: Andres Reisinger & Pablo Alfieri
3D Animation & Rigging:
Leandro Giorni, Ruben Stremiz & Daniel Bel
3D Lighting & Renderging: Daniel Bel
3D Face Expresion Animation: Hernán Estevez & Mariano Farias
3D Motiongraphics:| Sebastian Curi & Mariano Farias
Montage Edition: Mariano Farias
Compositing & Postproduction: Sebastian Curi, Mariano Farias & Pablo Alfieri
Bonus Scenes 3D Animation & Rigging: Estudio Ronda
Production: Inés Palmas
Year: 2011
Client: Pepsico Brazil
Agency: Live
Creative Director: Mauro Silva & Vinicius Facco
Production: Karina Rehavia
Music and Sound SFX: Juan Tortarolo

  • Sofa Modeling leer
  • Hand Modeling leer
  • Head Modeling leer
  • Interior modeling – Living room leer

04 de Septiembre de 2012

PlanetSide2 - FX BreakDown from Johanes Kurnia on Vimeo.

  • 22 Stunning 3D Fantasy Characters and Digital Art works for your inspiration leer
  • 20 Awesome 3D Character Design Examples leer
  • 22 Beautiful 3D Artwork, Models and ZBrush Character Designs leer
  • 30 Fantasy 3D Dreamy Art Wallpapers leer

03 de Septiembre de 2012

  • V-Ray Film & VFX Demo Reel 2012 leer
  • V-Ray Automotive Demo Reel 2012 leer
  • V-Ray Advertising Demo Reel 2012 leer
  • V-Ray Animation Demo Reel 2012 leer

01 de Septiembre de 2012

Mitch Gates Showreel Summer 2012 from Mitch Gates on Vimeo.

My latest reel featuring visual effects and cg supervision work from the last 10 or so years. Most of what you see is created with 3ds Max, Vray, Mental Ray, Thinking Particles and Digital Fusion. Visual effects is a team effort, so my hat goes off to the talented folks I've had the honor of working with in creating these shots. Soundtrack is "Recognizer" by London Music Works.

  • Tutorial: Create An Animated Clock In 3ds Max Using Expressions & Custom Attributes leer
  • Create a Photorealistic Fruit Splash in Blender leer
  • thinkingParticles 5 Speed Improvement leer
  • Turtle Barbarian - Warriors Autodesk Mudbox 3D Challenge Entry by sandpiper leer
  • Assigning Hotkeys & Making Custom Menus In 3d Studio Max leer