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13 de febrero de 2012

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Juli Jah

Juli JahEsta mañana me he intersado por los trabajos de ilustración y dibujo de la artista alemana (afincada en la ciudad de Nürnberg), Juli Jah:

“A self-confessed caffeine junkie whose art often prompts people to ask whether she’s on acid. She lIves in VilnIus, Lithuania, is currently studying the complex subject of interior architecture. Juli may be sall, but she is one busy lady wIth a big imagination. Or maybe she’s been seized from the sky by Aliens and reverted back to the underground, nobody knows.” by L. Smith.

Totally adore my job. Especially enjoy to cooperate with musicians. Must to stress, that music has the biggest and strongest influence while I’m drawing. That dirty industrial architecture of sounds causes big blizzards of extraordinary ideas in my mind. If U r interested in some artworks, prints, or collaborating, jus’ drop me a message, I’m sure we could find the way how to make fun together.

Juli Jah