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27 de enero de 2012

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Logo Critiques

Logo CritiquesErik Peterson quiere ayudarnos en su blog Logo Critiques a que creemos mejores logotipos, así que no sería mala idea empezar a escucharle un poco.

"Hi I'm Erik Peterson and I write the Logo Critiques blog to help logo designers create better logos by offering to give free critiques. I believe that through constructive feedback & critique, design can often be improved. Sometimes the truth hurts a little, but if it's honest, it'll likely make you a better designer. Not to mention a better logo and identity for your client or company.

I have over 10 years experience as a professional graphic designer and currently run my own design & consulting business. Prior to owning my own business I worked in agencies and in-house design departments designing identities, brochures, websites and various other marketing and branding materials. I have won numerous awards, over the years, for the work I have done for my clients.

Logo Critiques