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5 de julio de 2011

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Miss Lotion

Miss LotionOs dejo unas divertidas letritas dibujadas a mano, de la mano (valga la redundancia) de Miss Lotion, una artista de origen danés, cuyo portafolio incluye de todo: desde ilustración editorial a la realización de retratos.

Miss Lotion was born with a pen strapped to her hand. Drawing is a part of everyday life for the Danish-born artist who resides in Copenhagen. She draws and paints for recreation and because she simply can't help herself. Miss Lotion works with illustration and visual art, with clients in the advertising, fashion and editorial world. Originally she is an educated graphic designer, but after graduation she found herself taking direction towards illustration and now mixing the two disciplines to form a clearer language. Her artwork tends to be personal, based on her own reflections of her experiences and surroundings, particular situations and conversations.

She sketches on anything she has to hand, be it napkins, paper or beer mats, usually with a black pen, and her drawings form the beginnings of her illustrative ideas. Some of these ideas progress to paintings on wood or canvas, murals, T-shirts and many other applications.

Collaborations with other artists are a great inspiration and motivation for her. Over the years she has worked on and instigated many group projects such as collaborative drawings, murals, books and exhibitions with like-minded artists.