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23 de febrero de 2011

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COMUИE¿Queréis como trabajan en la imprenta los chicos de COMUИE? Podéis ver todo el proceso en The art behind the process.

Ellos dicen:

At COMUИE we value domestic entrepreneurship and local businesses that serve as a catalyst to fuel creativity and economic innovation. Printing presses seem to be few and far between these days however we have been fortunate enough to work with a local printer that has enabled us the creative freedom to experiment with new printing methods and applications including our recent release of our first book project, theUNKNOWN and our quarterly “Leave Behind” print piece.

Although a printing press might not often be considered as being an intricate canvas for the average designer, we respect the craft and our relationship with this locally producing business.

Take a look at the process of making our most recent COMUИE “Leave Behind” from start to finish.