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28 de diciembre de 2010

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Unos vídeos 3d

2012 Book Trailer

28/12/10 - Motion experience for beloved

Please, turn full screen on, sit back and watch it front-end, let the music guide your heart.

Original soundtrack by genius Vitaliy Zavadskyy.
Check his other works here:​user/​Vitaliiii

Production: Nice Shoes
Client: 404 festival (
My Roles: Creative Director, Design
More info & complete credits:​404-identity

For the 2010 edition of the 404 Electronic Arts Festival, we were handed a single phrase to start with, "Error is creation." We decided to create a genesis of cumulative information that formed into an electric world. Using glitches, random particle systems and generative constructs the film opens on tethered points and develops into the formation of a tower within a city.