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14 de octubre de 2010

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Re-Define Design

Re-Define Design

Experimental personal piece created using After Effects and Cinema4D. Concept inspired by advertising for puma's viral fragrance campaign "Re-Design the Box". My favorite motion piece to date.

Gold demo

Testing a motion controlled gold dust particle/interaction for an installation. All particle interaction is controlled entirely by motion on camera. Most of the fine detail is lost in the video compression, you can see much more in the original quicktime.

“Gold” is an interactive installation which explores our obsession with super-stardom, and the extravagance that accompanies it. Through a ‘magic mirror’, revel in a world of excess where you are the super-star. Shower in glittery gold, experience almost omnipotent powers as you materialize, morph and dematerialize into pure sparkling gold dust. Immortalize yourself as a shimmering golden statue, before you collapse and fade away.

The installation uses custom software written with openFrameworks and the OpenCV computer vision library. The software analyzes the video feed from infra-red cameras in real-time and generates 1080p HD output using OpenGL.