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4 de octubre de 2010

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Este lunes os dejo unos vídeos de rápida absorción que aunque crean adicción no tienen más efectos secundarios indeseables. Espero que este lunes no se os haga muy cuesta arribaaaa...

This is the story of a man’s daily life and how it is boring and quite repetitive. Project developed under the context of my sequential art studies. It is a study of the visual discourse of animation films.

CG animation showcasing a Lamborghini Reventon

Audio-driven animation.

Music, Software and Design by Peder Norrby / Trapcode / Rymden

Trapcode Particular v2 controlled by Sound Keys. I used some setups from the "Massive" collection and hooked them up so the position of the emitters are controlled by various aspects of the audio.

Particular v2 "Massive" collection:

(c) 2009 Rymden

This is an animation and design quality test for our project "Holymonks". It was included with the information that we gave to our script writers Dan Berlinka, Andy williams and Sean Carson. They are developing the stories for Holymonks.
The new format is an adventure/comedy 52x7 min. with smart dialogues in the script.
Directed by
Luis Arizaga
Produced by
Luis Arizaga
Joaquim Hu
Marina Hu

Designs & Storyboard
Luis Arizaga
Liberum Donum

Luis Arizaga
Characters setup
Camilo Duarte Franco
Cesar Saez
Camilo Duarte Franco

London Audio Labs
BAO Simon Phillips
FEI Adam Hofmann
XIN Dan Russell
atrick Savage
Holeg Spies
Sound Designer
Eilam Hoffman

Sound Editors
Tomer Kantor
Ariel Levinsohn
A Production
Digital Rebel Animation Studio, S.L.
© MMX, Digital Rebel Animation Studio
All rights reserved.