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13 de septiembre de 2010

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Google SketchUp 8

Google SketchUp 8

Acaba de aparecer hace escasos días una nueva versión del programa de diseño 3D Google SketchUp 8. Esta nueva versión incorpora una serie de nuevas características que hacen más fácil construir modelos para nuestros proyectos utilizando una cantidad cada vez mayor de datos geográficos. Han añadido una nueva colección de herramientas para tratar elementos "sólidos" y añadido a LayOut algunas características nuevas para hacer más fácil la documentación de los modelos profesionales.

La verdad es que el tema de las actualizaciones de Google SketchUp siempre han tenido su parte de controversia. Los chicos de Google tienen una visión muy limitada de cómo deben mejorar el programa pensando más en su negocio (lo que es lógico) que en lo que de verdad es lo que quieren una parte importante de sus clientes (claro, no los clientes que le interesan a Google, o sea los que crean edificios de forma gratuita para su Google Earth). Así tenemos discusiones tan jugosas como las que podéis leer en el foro Sketchucation donde se habla directamente con los diseñadores de Google SketchUp, con perlitas tan interesantes como ésta:


I want to apologize to you beforehand if my reply is going to sound a bit blunt, but reading these forums daily and most recently the response to Eight I feel something needs to be said. I realize I am not the best person to point this out given I started this website to support this product 5 years ago come September 9th, but as a supporter you need to be honest too.

I don't know how to say this in a 'nice' way but this morning when I saw this post by what appeared to be from a Google staff member, I could not believe it. People filled out Google's questionnaire, about what features are highest on their wish list some time ago. Almost none of the features that were on that list have made it into version 8. Now it may have been the case that when that list was concluded, that there was already a feature freeze for Eight, but come on, any modern day 3D application has 64 Bit support and most certainly supports more than 4 Gb of memory.

I don't understand Google. And I am speaking directly to them, certainly not the @Last core group that is still present to this day. In the days of @Last Software, if several people had the same feature request, the development team would deliver. Google says it listens, but can you honestly say this is the case?

It's hard for me to say this, given I have always backed every release since version 4. I was there when Pro users were slamming the Six release, defending it to the end. I was there when Seven came out and the same thing happened all over again. Even though I felt those two releases had good feature sets, I could not entirely disagree with the dismay of some Pro users.

Now Eight has come along and I just can't do the same anymore. Quite frankly speaking I find this post an insult for all of those people that voted in the aforementioned questionnaire. I can't speak for other people, but I can imagine if you have filled out that questionnaire last year you must feel like a complete idiot right now. You can not post something like that, then a year or so later release a product which has almost none of the features included. And when Google responds to the 64 Bit question with "What's the use of it?", you know just how well it listens.

I am not in the business of grilling the SketchUp people. I love you guys to death. After the two last releases I really believed you guys would have learned some key things about this community, about your customers. I am sorry to say that this is not the case and I honestly fear the worst. I can't speak for others, but I for one am not going to fill out another questionnaire or similar. Google already has all the answers it needs. Asking for the same thing twice is just silly.

Por lo que he visto, esta versión no es para nada necesaria y tendremos que esperar a la siguiente para ver si por fin se deciden a actualizar de verdad un programa que merece la pena tener en cuenta...