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20 de septiembre de 2010

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Empezando el lunes incluiremos un nuevo listado de vídeos para aplacar las ganas de trabajar después de un intenso fin de semana vacacional.

::: Enlaces del día :::

  • time & again

    This is the story of a man’s daily life and how it is boring and quite repetitive. Project developed under the context of my sequential art studies. It is a study of the visual discourse of animation films.

  • Bave Circus

    (c) Copyright 2008 Supinfocom Valenciennes

    Réalisé par :
    Philippe Desfretier
    Nicolas Dufresne
    Sylvain Kauffmann
    Martin Laugero

    Musique originale de :
    Thomas Miquel

    On a rainy afternoon, a child plays with his snails and falls along with them in a dreamy circus.

  • LuminAR

    LuminAR reinvents the traditional incandescent bulb and desk lamp, evolving them into a new category of robotic, digital information devices. The LuminAR Bulb combines a Pico-projector, camera, and wireless computer in a compact form factor. This self-contained system enables users with just-in-time projected information and a gestural user interface, and it can be screwed into standard light fixtures everywhere.

    The LuminAR Lamp is an articulated robotic arm, designed to interface with the LuminAR Bulb. Both LuminAR form factors dynamically augment their environments with media and information, while seamlessly connecting with laptops, mobile phones, and other electronic devices.

    LuminAR transforms surfaces and objects into interactive spaces that blend digital media and information with the physical space. The project radically rethinks the design of traditional lighting objects, and explores how we can endow them with novel augmented-reality interfaces. LuminAR was created by Natan Linder and Pattie Maes from the Fluid Interfaces Group at the MIT Media Lab. Video produced by Paula Aguilera and Jonathan Wiliams.

  • Kilauea
  • Shortest Possible Game of Monopoly
  • Mario paper stop motion

  • 25 cosas que odio de facebook

    Cenicero Total es un grupo "músico-cómico". Búscanos en Facebook, no lo odiamos, era para hacer la gracia. Este video esta inspirado en el "25 things that i hate about facebook" de Julian Smith.

  • Giant-Army
  • MARS!

    A short narrative about human interplanetary exploration.

    Jimi Swells of Nullifier did the sound and here is a link to him check it out!

  • The CalArts Story