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9 de septiembre de 2010

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Portrait of Power

Algunos de vosotros ya habréis visto Portrait of Power, que fue lanzado por la MTV, pero estoy bastante seguro de que esta versión (no censurada) será nuevo para casi todos. Este video fue dirigido por Marco Brambilla. POWER muestra un movimiento de cámara continuo desde un primerísimo plano de personajes y criaturas que rodean a una persona en un entorno abstracto (todos se mueven a cámara extremadamente lenta).

POWER shows a continuous camera move from extreme close-up of Mr. West revealing an a neoclassical video tableau showing characters and creatures surrounding him in an abstract environment - all moving in extreme slow motion.

Inspired by Michelangelo's frescos in the Sistine Chapel, the piece depicts a faux historical moment - an empire on the brink of collapse from its own excess, decadence and corruption.

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ARTJAIL Credits.

Visual Effects Supervision.
• Steve Mottershead, Beau Dickson

Visual Effects and Finishing.
Lead Flame Artists:
• Steve Mottershead and Graham Holly

Flame Artists:
•Elsa Tu, Mark Wilhelm, Todd Gutridge

Research and Editor.
•Beau Dickson

Executive Producer.
•Leslie McCartney

ARTJAIL Involvement.

ARTJAIL was involved in many aspects of this project, from pre-production to post and finishing, giving us a real understanding of what the Director's vision for the piece was.

First and foremost, he did not want to make a music video! He was interested in making an art piece, an experimental collaboration between two artists.

The conventions of traditional music videos should be completely forgotten. The focus should be on the art, the idea, the story being told, in the most direct manner possible. One continuous movement, representing one moment in time on the brink of collapse.