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23 de diciembre de 2009

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Freeband - The Ambient Life

Commissioned by: Buro Knapzak / Client: Freeband / Year: 2009
My role: design and direction

Freeband Communication and IIPIC share a vision of the future: a world in which information and communication technology render one's surroundings into a thinking and caring environment.

The results of the Freeband Communication research program should be visualized in a compelling film. I approached the material using infographics to explain the vast quantities of data. To create a relationship with the continuing technology the film starts with a minimalist introduction in a narrow color spectrum and gradually transitioned to an abundant, multicolored world.

Silver W3 Award
Webby Award Official Honorree
FWA video of the day (31.10.08)
Featured in Stash 51, CG Times Vol. 08, Creatie